The Five Fs: How to classify a climate denier

Only in the last year has it become clear in public discourse that the climate deniers are Luddites, that is, old thinking with no future. Having spent two decades arguing with deniers, or last mentally rehearsing arguments (I’m timid when it comes to confrontation), I am now formally shifting to disengagement. Specifically, when encountering anyone unprepared to acknowledge a climate emergency and to discuss how, in practical terms, we reduce emissions, I ignore him or her, and move on.

I’ve developed a ritual for this purpose. Firstly, I classify the denier according to the Five Fs:

  • Feeble-minded
  • Fearful
  • Feckless (only willing to take responsibility for own actions in this life)
  • Fat (focused on protecting own life and wealth)
  • Fucker (clearly evil, e.g. fossil fuel company executive)

Classification done, I ignore.

Personally, I find this process cleansing. Try it.