Locked down means compliant but not for long

During lockdown, memory plays tricks. Days can seem shorter but weeks tilt at eternity. I find it hard to register, today, that Victorian premier Daniel Andrews’ announcement of renewed gas exploration occurred on March 17, more than a fortnight ago. Samantha Hepburn’s excellent article in The Conversation affirms what was obvious, that this is a major climate action setback. And this from a Labor government that touts its climate credentials. Bah!

Taking this retrograde step amidst societal lockdown hides it. That’s obvious. What complaint can we effectively offer when we can’t talk person to person? When Covid-19 rightly preoccupies all our news? As a tactic, our state government aced it.

But if the fortnight since then has passed in a blur of political inactivity on my part, the fury I felt upon reading the March 17 announcement has glowed. If Extinction Rebellion could rebel as it does, I’d be there, but XR is in lockdown and so am I. My fury and its consequence, moral determination, remain cooking.

But not for long. Lockdown will end. Our climate emergency is our climate emergency and we shall do our part to save our grandchildren. In the meantime, I’ve begun, for the sake of my own sanity, a series of image-based posts called Defiance. Daily, or almost daily, I’ll post pictures and words of lockdown fury and post-lockdown action. Defiance 1 came out yesterday, Defiance 2 will be issued today.

I encourage you: post your own pictures and sentences of defiance. Let lockdown polish our resolve!