Consolidating climate policy acuity

Laypeople inevitably shrivel when attempting to understand climate change policy options and the politics of the whole damned thing. I mean, we’re talking about the fate of humankind on Earth, right? Across countries, factoring in a multiplicity of societal political systems, etc., etc., etc. … impossible.

Strike me lucky, during our first Melbourne lockdown in March, I read Mark Jaccard’s illuminating, wise The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming Myths that Hinder Progress. (Here’s my naive, layperson review and, just to show how taken I was with it, how I extolled it in my 2020 Top 10 Books list.)

But Jaccard’s advice didn’t stick. Not fully, at least. So, yesterday I was delighted to see that on his blog site, Sustainability Suspicions, he is providing seven edifying four-minute videos. I’ve decided to tackle one each day of the next week. Will that help? It certainly can’t hurt…