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Melburnian author Andres Kabel writes fiction and nonfiction. This blog feeds into a current major project, a book combining memoir with environmental and travel writing. In addition, his portfolio includes crime fiction, nonfiction (history), cultural reviewing, and blogs.

For an overview of published works and writing projects, past, present, and future, check out AndresKabel.com. You can email him at Andres@AndresKabel.com.


Consider this website as bearing witness to the fifteen species of Cranes, magnificent, reclusive birds scattered around the world. Only four of the species are not in decline or under threat from encroaching humans.

Consider these ancient bird species during the Anthropocene Era, a geological era recently defined for Earth, the first era in which humanity moulds its home planet through geographical domination and accelerating warming, often labelled as climate change.

I am no expert birder, no eminent scientist, just another ordinary human grappling with global warming. This website serves to document my journey of education and exploration and thinking. In the broadest of terms: how will planet Earth change for the Cranes, for me, for my children and grandchildren? How best to grapple with the enormity of the future?